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Welcome to My Vision

Greetings to you reader! First off, thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my site. I'm so excited to be on this new journey as a fledgling author again!  After a longish hiatus from the online world, and a long trial period into professionally editing and...

The First Story I Ever Wrote

You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it. That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence. Octavia E. ButlerI love revisiting stories from my past. The tiny...

My Next Step – The Closer

The last blog post I made was on New Year's day. It's crazy how much time has flown since then but also to see how far I've come in the matter of just four months. I completed my undergraduate degree in March, went on an amazing trip to Kashmir with my parents (it was...

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