Gearing Up for NaNoWriMo

Nov 8, 2020 | NaNoWriMo Diaries

As I wrote in my previous post, Week 1 of NaNoWriMo was largely a bust. There should be badges on the NaNoWriMo site for “no-writing-done streaks” because I think I’m running into three-days now.  

Not to say I didn’t get any writing done. I’m at 11k words and only 1.6k behind where I should be at this point but my writing came in spurts, fuelled by intense days of creativity and then unproductive follow-ups. 

But as I sit here on my bed and stare dramatically off into my future (and by that, I mean stupidly fixating on a spot on the wall), I can foretell that the remainder of this month will not pass in a similar fashion.

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I will not allow it to.

I’ve been dragging my feet writing-wise. This isn’t something I can even attribute to just NaNoWriMo but over all. The year’s been rough and my literary motivations have been at an all-time low. I intended to use the 50,000 word writing challenge to my advantage and kick myself back into shape. I had the drive and every intention to do just that, but then work picked up. 

I’ve used this Sunday to rest and recharge, read some books for inspiration and get myself in the zone again. I read my first Danielle Steele novel, a book by the name of “Palomino”, revisited one of my all-time favorites “Pride and Prejudice”, and have now moved onto Nick Hornby’s “How To Be Good Again”. Consuming art gets me all fired up to create more of my own, so it’s a good way to gear up for the rest of November.

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Starting tomorrow, the write-off will begin. As focused as I am on getting to that 50k word count, this is probably the one year where I’m not making that my primary target. I simply want to write every day and find my groove again for creating on a regular basis. 

The last three weeks of November will be a celebration of words, one I hope will never end. 


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