until there were None.

May 4, 2017 | Prose and Poetry

They were created for Greatness.
The divinity of mankind sheltered in their goodness
Every singular thought, each flowing emotion rooted from purity and good intention.

Yet Darkness descends upon those that were promised the Light
and Pandora’s box opened to fulfil the temptations of the night.
Insecurity was planted in their hearts,
the one seed of all evil they’d unknowingly sought.

And as they fought and plundered for all that was left,
the scent of tainted blood filled their unprotected nest.

The cradle broke
and fell to temptation
Mankind’s greatest cursed
to eternal damnation.

Time and time again, they chased the light
with inklings of goodness that gave way in the fight.
Until Time could not bear
to see their transgressions
and collapsed on the whole of mankind
on their corrupted self-obsessions.

The blood-mist cleared
to the bodies of the condemned
where Darkness had swayed Time itself
for the purest of good men

until there were


  1. Anisha

    Beautifully written…loved the end!


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