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An aspiring author on a mission to save the world through her all-consuming love for the written word.

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A letter for you

Thank you for venturing into my imagination sanctum. This is a sacred place where the line between the two worlds of fiction and reality blur. You may encounter unicorns perched under the arch of an endless rainbow in some corner of this site. Maybe a trio of seemingly devious teenage boys with nothing but pure hearts and good intentions. Perhaps even a corporate spy, dressed in gold, ready to shake up the very foundations of society. With my creations on the loose, you never know what you’ll find here.

But you are welcome to try.

Popular Works

A Midnight Reverie

The story of how a fragile, broken girl is transformed into a young woman whose battle scars speak of the ashes she once was…and the victor she has become.

I Promise

All Roxanne Payes wants out of life is the ordinary. But the universe delivers her a chaotic force to be reckoned with in the form of a sister. Will Roxanne survive a sisterhood that was never meant to be? Or will her sister’s new ploy begin a romance she never saw coming?

The Closer

With over 4 million reads, The Closer is Beatrice’s most popular work yet and a current work-in-publication. 😉Featuring a take-charge heroine, the story follows Tris Henderson’s battle of power against Hans Castellan who proves to be more a challenge of the heart and of the body.

Bea.meraki’s Poetry

A thematic exploration of life’s many wonders, viewed through a kaleidoscope of visual poetry and prose. Discover beauty, love and loss through the eyes of a spirited soul.


Beatrice is a wordsmith that will make you feel one with her stories. Not only can she write exceptionally well, but she can also touch the hearts of her readers. With her passion and love for her craft, it will not come as a surprise to me if I see her works on bookshelves soon and I am definitely excited about it.


Your writing saved me. Your style is cogent, cohesive, and succinct. Every word you write has weight behind it and your story is truly different. So please keep writing and don’t ever give up on your talent. Save our minds one book at a time.

– Silly banana, a wattpad reader


There are very books that gave me physical reactions, like gasping for breath or shivering in nervousness or my heart beating so damn fast that it might explode right off my chest. Yours did that to me. They’re not books, they’re a journey. An experience to be felt and I’m honored to have been a part of it. Thank you so much for that.


Beatrice Manuel’s talent is unprecedented and delightfully refreshing. I know I’m not alone in saying that her vision is one-of-a-kind and I can’t wait to see my copy of The Closer on my shelf soon!

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Beatrice Manuel

Aspiring author with a concoction of exciting novels, poetic prose and literary musings in the brew.


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