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As readers, you may cherish the books you get your hands on. Be it through your Kindle or a good old paperback copy. But have you ever wondered about the journey the author embarked upon to give you that story?

What about all the versions of the characters you’ve come to love that never saw the light of day?

There’s a whole multiverse that exists for every story you read.

Here: I’ll show you mine.

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Reader’s Thoughts

Not convinced about trying your hand at the reader’s experience? Here’s what you’re missing out on. 

Versatile, talented, and a beautiful storyteller. Beatrice is a wordsmith that will make you feel one with her stories. Not only can she write exceptionally well, but she can also touch the hearts of her readers. With her passion and love for her craft, it will not come as a surprise to me if I see her works on bookshelves soon and I am definitely excited about it.
Cassandra Almonte

Watty Award-Winning Author

You have an amazing voice and amazing talent. Your work has made me cry so many times. I don’t think I’ll be able to read a book as well written that made me cry as much as this.

Stephanie Jensen

Wattpad Reader

Beatrice Manuel has a fresh voice, and her writing is something to behold. The world better buckle up, for she is a force to reckon. I can’t wait for her future works, and most importantly, can’t wait for the world to witness what she’s made so far!


Twitter Personality

Smart, sexy, and outrageously funny, I’ve never smiled as much as I did when I first read The Closer’s early drafts. It warms my heart to see that hundreds of other readers feel the same way and eagerly await its official release. Beyond prose, Beatrice is also a wonderful poet! Her poetic pieces radiate a special kind of hopefulness I seldom see in an oftentimes gut-wrenching poetic sphere. Even when her words touch on darker subjects, there’s a sweetener underbelly that sings with connection and empathy.
Maria Mikkelsen

Writer and Poet

Beatrice Manuel

Aspiring author with a concoction of exciting novels, poetic prose and literary musings in the brew.


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